ABC4 Utah Success Stories: ATCS Shield

The ATCS Shield is designed to save lives through the use of modern technology combined with the ancient art of origami. Because 83 percent of officer deaths occur in or around their vehicles, ATCS Shield can be deployed in the car itself or outside the vehicle. Weighing only 7.8 lbs, ATCS Shield is foldable, light, and can be deployed rapidly as additional ballistic protection.

ATCS 4 Panel Shield Prototype

See the rapid deployment on the ATCS 4 panel shield prototype.

Original Origami Ballistic Barrier Concept

Overview of the origami-inspired ballistic barrier that is designed to keep emergency personnel safe in a hostile situation. This video shows how the ballistic barrier deploys, including a demonstration of the barrier actually stopping bullets fired from a handgun.

Origami Folding Solar Array Example

Origami folding techniques provide unique solutions to the issue of getting large solar arrays into space. Using principles from this ancient practice, solar arrays can be folded tightly for travel and then opened when in space.